Continuing the works presented at the former Interdisciplinary Colloquia on Proverbs and taking into account the enthusiasm of participants to carry out a thirteenth edition of the event, the Organizing Committee presents the rational for the 15th Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Proverbs (ICP21).



The Colloquium serves as a real possibility to give an insight into the work done by scholars and for those who are enthusiasts of proverbs. On the other hand it will be an important lookout spot for linguists, historians, translators, folklorists, paremiographers, etc. to the fields of each other and to the work the devotees of proverbs have done. We can speak of an international heritage. The paremiological emphasis will be clearly visible in the aims of the Colloquium:

O1 – to create an intercultural dialogue by means of groups in wide networks;

O2 – to discuss new trends in our communicational and technological epoch;

O3 – to increase initiatives for life-long-learning strategies in education;

O4 – to perceive a general view of the state-of-the-art in paremiology;

O5 – to question how to motivate young people in cultural preservation and related issues;

O6 – to reinforce attitudes of solidarity among generations.


To whom?

The Colloquium is meant to researchers, teachers, students and other devotees, irrespective of their age and to anybody concerned with questions which have arisen about proverbs and proverbial expressions in their fields of interest. The meeting aims to give highlights to all participants by opening different viewpoints on existing material and forecasting new issues both from theoretical and from practical sides.



The following outline of topics in the Colloquium is brought forth to encourage the participants to submit their contributions (papers, posters) related with paremiology:

T01 - construction of a common European Heritage of proverbs; a network of archival sources;

T02education and interdisciplinary dialogue, by means of proverbs;

T03 - proverbs and contextuality/intertextuality;

T04 - question of loan proverbs and problems in translation;

T05cognitive approach to proverbs (stereotypes, world view etc.);

T06origin and functions of proverbs in everyday life;

T07information technology and use of proverbs;

T08 - proverbs and intercultural communication skills; new paradigms for synergy and integration by means of mutual understanding of proverbs;

T09 - proverbs and collective memory as reinforcement of solidarity among generations;

T10others, specify.



The scientific program in the Colloquium consists of the lectures of invited experts, oral presentations and poster presentations. The languages of communication will be Portuguese and English. Oral presentations as well as poster presentations will be considered equally important regarding to their quality. Only the appropriateness to the type of communication (more or less interactive) in proportion to the content of the paper will be taken into consideration. Participants are also invited to attend both papers and posters.

Participants will find instructions for the ICP21 inscription in the link “PARTICIPATE”. PLEASE, PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS IN THE DIFFERENT PAGES.



The Colloquium package distributed to all participants will contain the book of Abstracts with the ICP21 Program and other useful information. Other material of advertising nature will be included in the ICP21 package.

Note:   the ICP20 Proceedings are in the editing stage. To get the Proceedings of previous ICPs, please contact:;



The Colloquium will be held at Hotel Vila Galé, Tavira, Algarve, Portugal (opening session (Sunday, 07Nov; scientific activities, from Monday 08Nov to Friday 12Nov; cultural visits: Saturday, 13Nov and Sunday, 14Nov). Details about these cultural visits will be given later on.

The country, the region, the city as well as the local milieu offer excellent working and recreational facilities for the participants.